Seasonal Beer Pack - Autumn 21 (shipping from mid April)

Our first Seasonal Beer Pack (Autumn) will be ready for shipping mid April. Get your pre orders in now!
Pack contains:
1x 4 pack of Road Tripper (Double West Coast IPA) - 8.1% ABV
1x 4 pack of Brown Falcon (American Brown Ale) - 5.6% ABV
1x 4 pack of Geezer Pleaser (Extra Special Bitter) -  4.8% ABV
PELASE NOTE -  the pack will not be shipped until mid April 2021.
Road Tripper
It was somewhere out there, on the edge of a spiritual desert of hazy trend setters and dessert stouts, that the beer began to take shape. I remember saying "I'm feeling a little queasy; I think I might have diabetes..." And suddenly it was all around us, something big, all the Big Things... All screeching and swooping and clawing at our attention, all talking at a hundred miles an hour, and a pleasant Canadian voice was shouting "What the hell is this? Is this even a beverage, man?" And suddenly there was quiet, and we knew what we had to do. Collective Arts came a long way, through a lot of strange and wonderful terrain to meet us at Little Bang. This special Beer & BBQ collaborative beer is our expression of the beers we all fell in love with not so long ago. A seriously big IPA, with attitude to spare, a face full of hops, a dryness, and a bitterness that could really blow your hair back. Nothing but beer in here, but it's big, it's very big.
Brown Falcon
The Brown Falcon, yeah sure, he's a superhero, but he's chill, he likes to hang, he won't give you hassle. He may not be the sexiest beer style around, but buddy, he gets the job done. Just enough spicy US-style hop notes offset a complex, sessionable, cuddly Brown Ale. Infinitely quaffable, this style has long been a Little Bang favourite, and a true American hero.
Geezer Pleaser
Here's a beer to please a geezer, it's Geezer Pleaser. She's extra special, an Extra Special British Bitter. Never better than together with a pie and chips, or even better, fish in batter. A greasy appetiser fit for the likes of Julius Caesar. She's a breezy, easy cleanser, this here pleaser, most agreeable in her sweet demeanor. Hopefully that's enough to tease ya. She's a geezer, he's a geezer, here's a beer that's sure to please ya.
4.8% to 8.1%
Mixed Seasonal Pack (Autumn)