Road Tripper

$75.28 - $140.55
It was somewhere out there, on the edge of a spiritual desert of hazy trend setters and dessert stouts, that the beer began to take shape. I remember saying "I'm feeling a little queasy; I think I might have diabetes..." And suddenly it was all around us, something big, all the Big Things... All screeching and swooping and clawing at our attention, all talking at a hundred miles an hour, and a pleasant Canadian voice was shouting "What the hell is this? Is this even a beverage, man?" And suddenly there was quiet, and we knew what we had to do. Collective Arts came a long way, through a lot of strange and wonderful terrain to meet us at Little Bang. This special Beer & BBQ collaborative beer is our expression of the beers we all fell in love with not so long ago. A seriously big IPA, with attitude to spare, a face full of hops, a dryness, and a bitterness that could really blow your hair back. Nothing but beer in here, but it's big, it's very big.
Double West Coast IPA