Galactopus Vertical Tasting 4-Pack (American Barleywine)


If you live interstate or just weren't able to make our Galacto-Overload Vertical Tasting event then FEAR NOT! We're bringing this huge Virtual Vertical Beer Tasting to you! We've packed up the vintage and current Galacto stock, and we're offering them to YOU as a vertical-tasting mixed-pack on our online store. On the 9th of June we will host a LIVE, interactive zoom-tasting-event, going through each of the beers and delving into the nuances of cellaring and the American Barleywine style. At least we'll try to stay on that topic, Galactopus has been known to lead the conversation astray. This is a one-time thing, people, and will not be repeated!

The pack includes Galacto 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 and a Galacto stubby holder.

Please Note: while we've left plenty of time for stock to reach you in the post, we obviously can't control exactly how long it will take to arrive, so the sooner orders are in the better!

The Barleywine style is a delicious, deeply malty, excessively strong ale from England. Americans like to throw a lot of hops in their beer. The Galactopus is a giant space faring cephalopod who, although approachable and charming, does devour planets, moons and suns, reaping freaking awesome destruction on a truly epic scale. Both the Galactopus and the American Barleywine in general should be approached with caution.

American Barleywine
2019 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) - Bronze
2017 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) - Silver
2017 Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards (RABCA) - Bronze